Blended families or couples who already have children together are somewhat the ‘norm’ these days rather than the exception, so it’s a no-brainier that you want to include the kids in the wedding. It is important to find a special way to incorporate them involve them wedding so they feel like they are an actual part of the marriage. Of course it is lovely to have the as part of the wedding party, but it isn’t your only option – here are some of our favorite ways to include your children into the wedding…

Have them as part of the bridal party

If you’re having a traditional wedding then there is no reason to find an alternative way to include your kids – the kid friendly role of flower girl and/or ring bearer is simple, fun and always a crowd-pleader. If that’s not your style, why not have them open the ceremony by walking down the aisle holding a sign, banner or whatever you want to include.

Include them in the ceremony

Why not include your children in the ceremony itself. If you’re having a sand ceremony, why not extend it to include some sand for your kids and let them pour some into a bigger jar – it will look perfect on your mantel place in your house. If your kids are old enough, let them have a say in the ceremony with a super adorable “we do” vow moment – what a super cute way to seal the deal.

Family dance

Halfway through your first dance, why not have the kids cut in and join?! Not only does this include them in the reception, but it is such a special moment and makes for the perfect photo opportunity. Add a few of their favorite jams to the DJ playlist and watch them boogie with excitement.

Family cake topper

A quirky and super adorable way to include the kids is to have a family cake topper rather than a bride and groom. If it’s a larger family, why not work with your cake supplier to create a wedding cake that involves everyone and shows off the family.

Wedding decor

its time to get crafty! This is the perfect fun way that kids can contribute to the wedding  craft projects. Have them help you create wedding favors, place cards, kids activities or even centerpieces – it doesn’t matter if its not perfect, it makes them feel like they were part of creating the big day. If  projects aren’t on your wedding to-do list, than have kids take part in the decision-making process, why not have them choose the cake flavor or even take part in the design process.